Nikon D90

A Couple of Scary Halloween Photos by Harold Brown

Halloween 2012 is over  but it isn't too late to post a couple of scary photos taken at the local garden center.  A few tweaks here and there and lose the boring. Skeletons are my favorite Halloween characters, you can wrap them up in anything, dim the lights and scare anyone that comes along! We don't do any decorating for Halloween at home, but we are always there to hand out candy to all those that dress up!

What is Halloween without a couple of scary skeletons?

It was daylight when I took the above picture but after making a few adjustments the picture has a lot more character. One worthy of the subjects in the photo.

Halloween skeleton bride?

Was the bride left at the alter? I wouldn't have showed up for this one either!

The traditional Halloween Black Cat!


I have some great shots of the cat sleeping in a card board box (the one he is sitting in above). Looked like a coffin and perhaps he was a vampire cat. I saved the pictures for another time. Perhaps next year.

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1967 Pontiac GTO at Riverfront Mall Cruise-In by Harold Brown

Riverfront Mall Cruise-In - 8/22/2011  

What a beautiful car this 1967 GTO is. Still looking good in 2012! I took this picture with my Nikon D90 on August 22, 2011 at the Riverfront Mall Cruise-In, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. The ISO is 200 which is what looks great when using a Nikon. I shot the picture around 7pm which gave me some dramatic lighting.

I typically run and gun and very seldom use a tripod. I used to shoot a lot of cars with my 35mm Canon years ago, and would use a tripod if I was being paid for the pictures. In those days the picture of your car on drift wood was very cool! Always a winner!

Go to a car show and get some exercise walking around looking at the great cars!

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Shiva Vishnu Temple, Parma Ohio by Harold Brown

Shiva Vishnu Temple, Parma Ohio

You will find the Shiva Vishnu Temple residing on 32 acres with scenic surroundings on Ridge Road in Parma, Ohio. I took the January picture above with my iPhone 4S on a snowy overcast day.

Shiva Vishnu Temple, Parma Ohio

The March picture was taken with my Nikon D90. When visiting the temple I typically see deer in the winter time, and on one occasion I saw a red fox walk just in front of my car. A few geese have made the temple their home as well.

The Temple entrance is on the East side of the build which you gain access to by taking the covered walk from the parking lot to the back side of the Temple. Once you enter you must remove your shoes before entering the main Temple.

Shiva Vishnu Temple, Parma Ohio

The Siva Vishnu Temple has a very peaceful surrounding and is a nice temple to visit if you find yourself traveling through Parma or live in the area.



Perigee Moon Picture by Harold Brown

Perigee Moon Picture

Over the years I have pointed my camera to the night sky to capture a picture of the moon. It always looks so great in the motion picture world. Unfortunately not so easy to capture in real life. I was a kid in the sixties following the space program and the Moon had special interest to me. So finally last year I decided that I want to take a good picture of the moon. It was a Super Moon and what better time to take a picture.

So I put the 70-300mm lens on my Nikon D90, went onto my deck, setup my tripod and took pictures at various exposure times. My best shot was at 1/4000 second at f5.6 and ISO 200. Then some Photoshop work to get a cleaner picture.

 The Moon is about 31,069 miles, closer to Earth and therefore is bigger and brighter than the usual full moon.