Perigee Moon Picture / by Harold Brown

Perigee Moon Picture

Over the years I have pointed my camera to the night sky to capture a picture of the moon. It always looks so great in the motion picture world. Unfortunately not so easy to capture in real life. I was a kid in the sixties following the space program and the Moon had special interest to me. So finally last year I decided that I want to take a good picture of the moon. It was a Super Moon and what better time to take a picture.

So I put the 70-300mm lens on my Nikon D90, went onto my deck, setup my tripod and took pictures at various exposure times. My best shot was at 1/4000 second at f5.6 and ISO 200. Then some Photoshop work to get a cleaner picture.

 The Moon is about 31,069 miles, closer to Earth and therefore is bigger and brighter than the usual full moon.