At the Westin Hotel Mindspace in Hyderabad, India

         At the Westin Hotel Mindspace in Hyderabad, India

Hello, I am Harold and I started taking pictures at age 10 with a New York World's Fair camera I received as a birthday present. A few years later came the purchased of a Super 8mm movie camera, and a few years after that a Super 8 Sound camera. I made 2 home adventure films on Super 8 before graduating to VHS video tape. I have a movie that has been in production since 1987. My college degree is in computers and I was a mainframe COBOL programmer and analyst for 18 years, owned a hobby shop for 14 years, did some editing on 2 inch tape in the early 90's, and purchased Sony Vegas 4 in November of 2003. In addition to wedding DVDs and Super 8 film conversions, I have edited/authored 8 lecture DVDs for a magician that are available globally.

During the time I was shooting Super 8 I had purchased several 35mm cameras, and then bought my first digital camera in 1999. Today I have a Sony DV camcorder and shoot stills with a Nikon D7100 and Sony NEX-6,  and for casual use I also have a Sony DSC-H70. Of course I take a lot of pictures with my iPhone 6+ for posting to Facebook or my life picture gallery on my photo website.

I enjoy travel and have gone on 5 African safaris including 1 water safari in 3 countries. In total I have visited 18 countries and 34 states. Still a lot more to see!

Keep recording the memories!