Progressive Field | Cleveland Indians by Harold Brown

I had not been to a baseball game in several years and decided to head up to Cleveland to Progressive Field to take in an Indians vs Minnesota Twins game.

I debated on taking my Nikon D7100 or Sony NEX-6 but had just gotten the new Samsung S7 phone and decide to try out the S7's camera. Our tickets were along the first base line and just three rows back from the field. The camera shots ranged from evening, twilight, sunset and night so I was able to take in a full range of lighting conditions. As a plus the Cleveland Indians won the game so how could it get any better? Enjoy the pictures below which also include panoramas that were done by stitching individual photos and not the panorama features of the camera phone.

Overall I really like the new Samsung S7 and its camera and Progressive Field look great in the S7 pictures. The phone has really come a long way and the camera does an impressive job with lowlight photographs. I will leave all of the technical reviews of the camera to the experts, but I will say that I find the camera perfect for these types of events and capturing the fun and excitement of the game.


Progressive Field | Cleveland Indians
Progressive Field | Cleveland Indians
Progressive Field | Cleveland Indians
At the Ball Game
Sunset at Progressive Field

Salem Super Cruise 2014 by Harold Brown

Harold Brown Bhaga Video

It is time again for the Salem Super Cruise in Salem, Ohio. It is the first car show that I attended this year. I have already missed a couple of shows this year due to other engagements and I didn't want to miss this cruise-in. Cars on display and driving the streets all day long. How could you go wrong at this show?

car show automobile muscle

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Salem Super Cruise

I met Chuck at the Super Cruise and he was kind enough to pose for a picture on his Harley. Chuck I hope you like the pictures!

Checkout my 2012 post about the Salem Super Cruise


Tim Hunt's Jazz Duo with Jeff Bremer by Harold Brown

Tim Hunt's Jazz Duo  with Jeff Bremer

This past Tuesday I went to see "Jazz Duo" at Gervasi Vineyard's Piazza. I have been following Tim Hunt for years and always enjoy listening to his bands. Tim enjoys music and his love for it comes through when you listen to him. Unfortunately this was the first chance this season that I got to see Tim perform. Tim's band "Jazz Trio" will be performing at Gervasi on August 9th from 7pm to 10pm. The trio again features Jeff Bremer on acoustic Upright Bass, and Scott Grewell on drums.Jeff is from Youngstown and is a very accomplished musician with abundant jazz music and classical orchestra experience.

I am looking forward to seeing Tim's Cajun Butter Band at Panini's Tiki Bar on Sunday August 11th from 7pm to 11pm. I have not heard the band with the new members so this will be a first. This band features Tim on the keys and vocals, Scott Grewell on drums and vocals, Pat Cahill on bass and vocals, and Mike Balas from Wooster on guitar and vocals.

Tim also does a lot of solo gigs and will be at the Desert Inn from 8pm to 11pm on August 16th and 31st from 6pm to 9pm, and the Main Street Grill on August 21st and August 28th.

Want to know more about Tim Hunt's Jazz Duo and his other bands? Follow this link to learn more. If you get a chance stop out and see Tim, and tell him Harold sent you!

Tim Hunt's Jazz Duo  with Jeff Bremer

Panorama - Fall Colors by Harold Brown

Panorama - Fall Colors

You will find this scenic surrounding on the property of the Shiva Vishnu Temple in Parma, Ohio. The temple is located on Ridge Road. This is a merge of 6 photographs from pictures taken with the camera tilted on it's side.The panorama was created by doing two separate merges. Three photos made up the left half, and three photos made up the right half. The resultant two pictures were then merged to create the panorama you see above.