Gervasi Lake

Mute Swan by Harold Brown

Mute Swan

I visited Gervasi Lake on Sunday and took a few pictures of the resident Mute Swans Gina and Giuseppe. They had 4 cygnets earlier in the year but unfortunately not all of them survived the attacks of predators. I know that 2 had died, but Sunday I only saw 1 of the cygnets. Many times they fall victim to snapping turtles.

Mute Swan

I had my 70-300mm lens with me so I could get some pretty good shots without disturbing the swans. A month ago when I took a few pictures and all the cygnets were still alive I saw dad go after a fellow who was getting a little too close. Fun to watch!

Mute Swan

The swans are able to make noises but you don’t hear the loud calls that non mute swans are capable of. Mute Swans are not natural to the United States and were introduced from Europe and Asia.

Harold Brown - Bhaga Video

Mute Swans are usually strongly territorial with just a single pair on smaller lakes and will keep geese away from the lake.

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