Enclosing The Deck Day 5 of Construction / by Harold Brown

Enclosing The Deck Day 5 of Construction

This post "Enclosing The Deck Day 5 of Construction" is all about the work done on the fifth work day of enclosing our upper deck. Day 4 of construction was mainly focused on getting the roof sealed, trim and end caps put into place, and the insulation under the deck put into place. The fifth day started about 9:30am on July 8th with the crew getting the deck ready for the windows. Then another crew arrived with the windows and installation began. There is a lot of work related to getting the windows into place and making sure everything is working. Once again all the guys knew their jobs and worked well together. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of selecting a company that retains its employees by treating them properly. The experience of each individual working on my deck ranged from 10 to 24 years with all that time working for American Patio Rooms.

Day 5 Enclosing The Upper Deck

Below in the picture gallery you will see a few pictures of the work being done on our deck. Keep in mind that in 5 days of work the deck is almost done and was completely built on site. Other than windows and doors the entire deck was custom built and fit to the house during the build. Nothing was prefabricated and forced to fit into place after construction. Do your home work and appreciate the quality that is possible when enclosing your patio or deck.

Day 5 Photo Slide Show

If you cannot see the slide show follow the link to see the gallery: Day-5-Enclosing-Our-Deck

Today’s summary of work is as follow:

  • Prep work for windows
  • Put up the spouting and gutter
  • Installed Windows and adjusted fit
  • Sealed all the seams with silicone
  • Installed Soffit
  • Hooked up electrical and installed spot lights
  • Started adding the last of the trim
  • Cutoff stair handrail to appropriate height

It rained pretty hard today for a while but the crew stayed onsite and worked inside the deck until it cleared up,  then work started up again in full swing. I am looking forward to tomorrow and the last day of work. Installing the slide glass door and completing the final touches. My last construction post will be tomorrow, but I am sure I will have a few more pictures to share as we finish the interior decorating.

I sincerely hope you find good use from my articles and you are inspired to enclose your deck or patio, and I hope you take a few pictures to share with others.