Building An Enclosed Deck Final Day of Construction / by Harold Brown

Building An Enclosed Deck Final Day of Construction

"Building An Enclosed Deck - Final Day of Construction" is the followup to yesterdays post post on Day 5 of construction. In summary the work started on Monday June 30 and except for a couple of pieces of siding ended on Wednesday July 9th. There was no work done on July 4th and on Monday July 7th. The delay was Independence Day and also waiting on windows to arrive on Tuesday. First thing today was to start working on the sliding door installation. Framing and then install. Just like installing the windows it is a bit of a job. Making sure it fits and functions smoothly always takes extra effort. Along with the door install came more silicone sealing. Never too much as long as it stops a single drop of water!

Day 6 Photo Slide Show

If you cannot see the slide show follow the link to see the gallery: Day-6-Enclosing-Our-Deck

Summary of what was accomplished today:

  • Prep and Install Windows
  • Seal all seams
  • Rebuild stairway handrail
  • Finish open area left from cutting off original rafter
  • Finish sealing bottom of deck for insulation
  • Cutout rotted wood in chimney and replace with new plywood
  • Finish outside vinyl trim
  • Clean up of work area

Tomorrow one person will stop and put up the couple pieces of siding and some sealer and we are done.

What's next for outside?

  • Paint the existing wood (change color from red to white)
  • Redo the backyard landscape. It was last done in 2004 and we tore it all out last month
  • Finish the area under the deck that currently has marble chips
  • Replace the walkway to the lower deck
  • Do something about the steps that come down to the ground near the lower deck
  • Clean the lower deck again
  • Get the lawn chairs, table and umbrella setup on the lower deck
  • More stuff that I am sure is on the wife's list

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