Enclosing The Deck Day 4 of Construction / by Harold Brown

Enclosing The Deck Day 4 of Construction

Enclosing The Deck Day 4 of Construction consisted of putting the finishing touches on the existing structure and beginning to insulate the bottom of the deck from the cold weather that is just around the corner. The morning started with a few sprinkles of rain but it didn't last long and work started. There was a 2 man crew again today, once the windows arrive we will be back to a three man crew. First up was to cut off part of the roof that was remaining and wrapping that in aluminum, next quite a bit of time was spent adding all of the end pieces and caps to give the deck that finished look. Finally on the roof to seal everything, and on the bottom of the deck adding the insulation to keep the heat in and the cold out!

Day 4 Photo Slide Show

If you cannot see the slide show follow the link to see the gallery: Day-4-Enclosing-Our-Deck

Today's summary of work is as follow:

  • Blending the enclosure into the rest of the house
  • Add the end pieces/trim to the roof
  • Seal the roof from the elements and make sure no water leaks anywhere
  • Run the electrical wires into the utility room and wait on the electrician
  • Add the under deck insulation
  • Add the 90 degree bend to the bathroom vent
  • Prep work for the soffit

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Cleaning The Siding
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