holiday pictures

Christmas 2012 by Harold Brown

It is that time of year again. Drag out all of the decorations, put them up and then go out and buy some new ones. Then we say we are not buying any new decorations again, then we go out after Christmas and buy some more. Keep the economy going! Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you have an enjoyable holiday season. Thought I would share a picture of our decorated tree and fireplace this year. It is always a little different but the best place to relax during the hectic holiday season. The perfect place to be is next to the tree with some hot chocolate or tea.

A picture of our Christmas Tree and decorated fireplace


Great Pictures Are Everywhere by Harold Brown

Every Christmas I take a picture of the Christmas tree. This past year was no different and I took the usual pictures, but I decided that I wanted to take some close-ups of the ornaments. I did that a few years ago, so I thought I would do it again. Later as my wife and I were looking at the pictures we have taken at Christmas, she commented on various things we had done throughout the years. A very pleasant conversation talking about the time we have shared, and all brought on by a few pictures that together tell a story. Great Pictures Are Everywhere


Great Pictures Are Everywhere