Panorama Photography / by Harold Brown

Panorama Photography

The above picture was created from two 35mm slides I took on a camping trip in 1977. The pictures were not ideal candidates for a photo merge and I had to create a right leg in the center of the picture to give it a little cleaner look. This picture is much more interesting than displaying the two pictures separately. It provides a better feeling of perspective of the camp by seeing a wider view.

I love panorama photography. Evidently that love goes back to my days of film movie cameras. I usually did a pan of the area I was filming. Even my earliest 35mm slides and negatives from the 70s sometimes have enough overlap that I can create a panorama from them (like I did in the above picture). Now that is looking into the future! At the beginning of June I started introducing some new post types (Night Photography, Car Photo, Safari, and On the Road). Not all that ingenious, just a post title that better helps describe the post. I don't always have a lot to say about a picture, and a good one can speak for itself.

So I have been on a kick this month coming up with various post types that I can use to share some of my pictures I take traveling about the town, state, country and world. So, here comes another post type Panorama. I will share my panorama photos in these posts and provide a little information about them. I use Photoshop to merge them, but I have used a couple of other products in the past. Photoshop does a great job so I use it exclusively now. I did a comparison on panorama creation and you can read it by following this link.

Although I am just now officially creating Panorama posts, I already have several posts that contain panorama pictures in them. Check out the Tags to look at all of the panorama pictures I have posted.