Camera Phones / by Harold Brown

What I like about camera phones is capturing a moment in time that results in your remembering events in your life that you might otherwise forget. Pictures help you remember where you have been, and what you have done. Events may be fresh in your mind today, but 30 years from now many just fade away. The way your memory works is that you forget about things that you don't keep fresh in your mind. A picture reminds you of an event, and seeing the picture from time to time helps keep it fresh in your memory. A blog helps you keep the photos and the details fresh in your mind. Capture history the way it was, not how others tell you it was!

Camera Pnones

Who: Atlanta Falcons vs Cleveland Browns

Where: Cleveland Browns Stadium, Cleveland, Ohio

When: Sunday, Oct. 10, 1 p.m., ETTV Coverage: FOX

Final Score: Falcons 20, Browns 10

Camera Phones

Waiting for the game to start - Suite 455

Camera Phones