My New Photo Website by Harold Brown

Bhaga Video Photos
Bhaga Video Photos

I just got done redesigning my Photo Website.The previous design was more of an organized blog style site that had lots of pictures, but really did not have the pictures in the forefront of everything. A design with a throw back to an earlier time and slower bandwidths. The new design calls out my popular photos and displays the pictures in a much larger format. On a photo website it is all about the pictures and that is what I am focused on. Comments and ratings can be added but do not take up real estate unless clicked on (staying focused on the pictures). This new focus was made possible by the recent changes that SmugMug put into place. Over the last year I had been looking at other photo hosting sites and was liking what I saw, but none offered the ability for me to customize my site to the way I wanted it like SmugMug did. My photo website is the source of most of the pictures on this blog and the photo site offers up all the sizes I need to make for a better designed blog.

There are lots of free sites to show off your pictures, but I prefer my own site and design choices that are free of advertisements, and not subject to overnight changes that break functionality and APIs.

Checkout the site, you will find over 8,000 pictures to look at. Photos Bhaga Video