Think About The Presentation by Harold Brown

Gerrard India Bazaar

When I am out shooting pictures I typically am thinking about what I intend to do with the pictures, what my presentation will be. Are they part of a generic picture gallery containing similar pictures from various sources and time frames (for example, flowers) or are the pictures intended to be in their own picture gallery? I have a post that speaks to how I go about taking my pictures, and the methodology that I use. If you care to read the article click here. As I have mentioned I like to have a point of view that starts with GPS, and then drops down to a picture giving you an idea of what the surroundings look like. During a recent trip to Canada I went to the Gerrard India Bazaar located in Toronto. It is a series of shops that stretch along a single street for a few blocks. Pointing the camera straight down the road wasn't all that interesting. There really wasn't a single shot that looked good through the lens. Looking around I suddenly got my inspiration from a phone pole. The street names were on the pole. That caught my attention because the street signs mark the area for the bazaar, and the signs had a lot of character.When taking a picture like this you have  lot of liberty on how you can present it. You can really punch it up a notch and bring out the character of the signs and utility pole.

The "street signs" picture is the first photo in the Indian Bazaar photo album. Not only is it fitting, but I will remember where it is located the next time my wife and I visit Toronto.

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