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Surat Gujarat India by Harold Brown

Surat Gujarat India

In 2010 my wife and I visited her ancestral home in Gujarat, India. We had traveled their with her sister's family to visit friends and family. One day we decided to drive the ladies to Surat, and spend the day their shopping at some of the stores. If you have never been to India you don't know what you are missing. I enjoy travel, and seeing new things and experiencing life in other areas of the world. So a trip to India was fantastic. If you have not been there the below short 51 second video was filmed through the wind screen of the car with my Nikon D90.  Note that center lanes and driving rules and laws only semi apply in India, but it is getting better I hear.

Driving to Surat, Gujarat, India in HD

Near the Maroli Sugar Factory

Old Surat Mumbai Highway
Surat Gujarat India

Ox Cart carrying sugar cane

Notice below the name on the shirt

Surat Gujarat India
Harold Brown Travel Photography

G3 Fashions was the ladies store of choice so we headed there. In the below video, the ladies shop for sarees. Note the number of saris they are looking at and the patience of the clerks. This is only 36 seconds of a very long process, but success, they did find what they were looking for.

Shopping for sarees at G3 Fashions

Surat Gujarat India

In India, sarees are worn by ladies at weddings, festivals, parties & social occasions.

Athwalines, Surat India

After a long day of shopping we headed to shopping beneath the main roads reminiscent of Underground Atlanta. Everything imaginable could be found in the area, it was cramped and motor cycles wound their way around display tables and people. Something you would not see here in the US.

I shot the below video on my D90 through the windshield of our car as we waited on Janti and Aruna to finish a last minute purchase (the shopping area we were at was below the street level of this video).

Ready to head back to Navsari from a day of shopping in Surat

Surat Gujarat India