Ferrari F430 in Pictures by Harold Brown

Ferrari F430

The F430 was produced by Ferrari from 2004 to 2009. It was the successor to the 360 and it debuted at the 2004 Paris Motor Show. The price in the USA was $186,925 - $217,318.

Ferrari F430 at Gervasi Vineyard
Gervasi Vineyard Car Show

The body styling of the F430 was revised from its predecessor, the Ferrari 360, to improve its aerodynamic efficiency.

Ferrari F430 Spider
2007 Ferrari F430 Spider

In addition to the Berlinetta and Spider, Ferrari also produced a 430 Scuderia and a Scuderia Spider 16M

Gervasi Vineyard
Scuderia Spider 16M at Gervasi Vineyard

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Ferrari Up Close Photos by Harold Brown

Ferrari Up Close

There is something about Ferrari photos that grabs everyone's attention, and these Ferrari photos are up close and personal. All were taken with my Nikon D90. No long or medium shots here. Just a few close-up shots I have taken over the years of the Ferrari. Each one is truly a work of art and sometimes the finer things are overlooked, until you take the time to see each car for what it is. I took these shots at local Ferrari car shows in conjunction with the Ohio Chapter of the Ferrari Club of America. A local Ferrari car show isn't something you find everyday, fortunately for me the local vineyard sponsors the car show each fall. I hope you enjoy them. If you like the pictures leave a comment or click the thumbs up. Registering is not required.

Ferrari Up Close
Ferrari Up Close
Ferrari Up Close

355 F1 spider

Ferrari Up Close

I hope that 2013 brings some new cars at the local shows. This year I plan of doing more pictures of fewer cars. So, yep I plan on being a little more picking with my picture taking.

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Gervasi Vineyard Entrance