Caltex petrol station

On The Road Photography by Harold Brown

On The Road Photography

During our travels we are usually in route from one place, to the next place we want to be. Photographs taken in route to our destinations can tells us much about the places we are visiting. Sometimes the pictures from our car windows or brief stops can be of more interest than our final destination! I have pictures from my trip to Disneyland like everyone else does, but what pictures do you have getting there? Checking out the area where you stop to get gas can be pretty interesting, or offer up to the viewers of your photography a different perspective than they had previously never seen.

The above picture was taken at the Caltex petrol station on the N4 in Highlands Rural, South Africa. With this post I am starting a series of photos taken while I was in route to a final destination. In the above picture we were headed to Kruger Park, South Africa.

It's all about the journey.