1000 MK III

Austin Mini 1000 Mk III by Harold Brown

I spotted this car in July 2011 at the Brunswick, Ohio Laurel Square Shopping Center car show. It was a very nice car with aftermarket side mirrors on the fenders and the gas filler cap upgrade. Although I had taken several pictures of the car I never did anything with them until this past week when I looked at the car and tried to figure out what exact year and model it was. There are so many variables and history with this car it took a couple of hours of research to decide it was 70's Austin Mini 1000 MK III. Once I did that I did a little editing with Lightroom, Photoshop and Photo 10. Hope you like the pictures.

Mini 1000 Mk III
Mini 1000 Mk III
Mini 1000 Mk III - Badge

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