Enclosed Deck 4 Months Later / by Harold Brown

Enclosed Deck 4 Months Later

Four months have passed since we had our deck enclosed making it into a sun-room, and since then we have had warm weather to cold weather. Warm weather you can be in the room with little problems and typically a nice breeze flows through the room. Next year we will consider a fan if the temperatures get too hot. The evening is great to sit and relax as well as enjoy dinner on occasion.  As the weather gets colder the current trend is that the room tends to be about 10 degrees warmer than the outside temperature and gets a bit chilly in the evening. We have used the electric fireplace several times and it heats the room up very quickly as long as we close the door leading into the house. We have a second smaller heater that we have used a couple of times that has worked out well. Currently the temperature outside is 45, the enclose room is 55 and the house is 69. The windows and door from the house to the room are open.

We opted for the Hybrid Room with thermopane or double paned windows. This was a good decision. There is some condensation on the vertical aluminum support beams. The ceiling, walls and windows do not have any condensation, thus it is limited to a very small area in the room. The beams that are sweating would have had a thermal break if we had gotten a 4 season room. The carpet feels cold when walking on it so tile or some other product would have been worse. Carpet was the right decision.

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We moved 3 chairs from other rooms in the house into the sun-room until next spring when we decide on what patio furniture we like. We started staining of the outside wood going from red/orange to white but weather and rain prevented us from completing it this year. A job for the spring. We also managed to do a quick cleanup of the yard and flowerbeds until we figure out what we want to do long term.

Enclosed Deck 4 Months Later

Overall the new sun-room is a great place to be in the summer, and it is also nice to be in the room surrounded by windows as the weather starts to turn. The TV and iPad in the sun-room makes it a great place to watch your favorite shows, check your email, and feel more like you are outside. Now I am waiting for the snow!