Enclosing The Deck Day 2 / by Harold Brown

Enclosing The Deck Day 2

Enclosing The Deck Day 2: Today's work brought with it a surprise, the chimney enclosure had some water damage behind the siding next to the door and needs repaired. Builders these days are in such a rush that work isn't done properly. That is why I hired American Patio Rooms, just tired of poor workmanship.

Enclosing The Deck Day 2


Day 2 Slide Show

If you cannot see the slide show follow the link to see the gallery: Day-2-Enclosing-Our-Deck

Day 2 work included:

  • Removing the spouting
  • Cutting off the roof overhang (to get more roof height)
  • Installing the roof supports
  • Putting up the roof (with lots of glue and screws)
  • Take down the remaining old handrails
  • Reassemble the bottom deck

Weather permitting tomorrow will bring the walls and windows. Yeah baby.

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