Mustang Up Close / by Harold Brown

Ford Mustang Up Close The Ford Mustang, up close and personal. No long or medium shots here. Just a few close-up shots I have taken over the years of the Ford Mustang. Each one is truly a work of art and sometimes the finer things are overlooked until you take the time to see each car for what it is. I took these shots at local car shows and the Cleveland Auto Show. I hope you enjoy them. If you like the pictures leave a comment or click the thumbs up. Registering is not required.

Ford Mustang Up Close

Ford Mustang Up Close

Ford Mustang Up Close

There are some logos and emblems that are true works of art and sometimes we just need to step up close and take a look! It is April in Ohio and soon it will be time for the car shows. Hopefully my friends Rich and Tom are ready to get out this summer and start checking out what new cars turn up at the shows.

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Get your camera, get the shot, and get it on the web to share with your friends.


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