Late Evening View of Navsari / by Harold Brown

Sun setting on Navsari, Gujarat, India

Part of my travel to India included a trip to Gujarat. I flew from Hyderabad to Mumbai and then took a 7 hour cab ride to Navsari, Gujarat, India. My wife had made the same cab ride a few days before me to meet her sister and other family members. After being introduced to "new" family members and having an enjoyable meal and conversation, I went for a walk taking a looking around the area. I eventually made my way to the roof of the flat we were staying in, and got this photo of the evening sky and cityscape. Navsari has a 2,000 year history and has been know by many names over the centuries. Cities with long histories are always the most enjoyable to visit.

Late Evening View of Navsari

Travel Photography by Harold Brown

Bhaga Video - Harold Brown - Travel Photography


Gujarati is the main language spoken in Navsari. The language my wife uses to speak with her sister and family from time to time. They jump inbetween English and Gujarati quite a bit. Sometimes I think I am understanding Gujarati until I realize they jumped to English! Smile

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